Jobs & Economy

We can prioritize people over profits by creating policies that can end poverty once and for all.


Living Wage

Providing Arizona’s workforce with a livable wage will not only contribute the overall success of the local economy, it will result in an increased standard of living for all of us. When working families feel secure about their future they participate in the economy. Demand is what drives job growth, not giveaways to greedy corporations.  

Economic Fairness

Arizonans are facing unprecedented rates of income and wealth inequality. Families are working harder than ever to earn less, while the profits from their work further enrich the top one percent. Arizona pays out nearly $14B in handouts to corporations every year, money from your pocket, and the result has only made our economy less prosperous.

Good-Paying Jobs

As technology continues to advance, so must our workforce. Investing in programs of study that will provide people of all ages with the technical education and work-based skills that employers are looking for will create a strong bridge to meaningful and lasting employment for all Arizonans.

Strong Safety Net

For years, Republicans have chipped away at important programs designed to lift people out of poverty. The help we give to those desperately in need of a break should not come with strings attached. We live in the richest country in the world and have the resources in hand to provide everyone with the safety and security they need to get back on their feet.