Global warming is real. We must find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and hold accountable the polluters who place profits over the health of our community.


Access to clean water is the climate justice fight of our lifetime. Arizona is experiencing a 20-year drought and lacks a sustainable plan for the future of our water. We need solutions now that prioritize the health of our community over the profit motives of developers and corrupt utilities who are depleting and poisoning our shared water supply.


Lower-income and racially diverse neighborhoods are forced to live with poorer air quality while wealthier communities enjoy healthier standards. A mountain of research has shown that low-income households and people of color are disproportionately impacted by air pollution. In Arizona, children of color are exponentially more at risk for asthma and airborne related illness than their white counterparts.


Clean energy is common sense in Arizona. We have more sunshine than any other state in the nation, yet places like New Jersey have more solar energy thana we do. Embracing clean energy standards will also create good-paying clean energy jobs, which are already rising in other states that have decided to invest in clean energy. We must begin by making investments now in solar, wind, and hydropower.